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Desperate singleton, what are you going to do? Find the next biggest prime number?

Written By Zoe Camper, Las Vegas Firstly, did you assume the singleton in the title was a human being? A strong desire to anthropomorphise, or make things like us, can prevent us from making good decisions or perceiving meaning accurately. What I perceived as a desperate singleton will say more about me than I might want to reveal :^); it is wide open to interpretation, judgment, and dependent on the context you bring to it. We talk to inanimate objects, we chastise our cars when they breakdown, we try to reason with our computers; there is a deep need to humanise objects and things we interact with on a daily basis. If I talk to it nicely, it might work... and so on. Some of us are also doing this with artificial intelligence. One of the mile stones for AI is to pass the Turing Test. To have an AI good enough to hold a human conversation, and make it indistinguishable from us. We want to progress to the point where we cannot tell the difference between us and technology.

Event: Augmented Society Network - Introduction to the AS Network

Event: Augmented Society Network - Introduction to the AS Network Please join us for our first AS Network discussion.  We will be discussing the aims and objectives for the group, forming our first collaborations and exploring topics for the long and short term. We've already got solid representatives of the RSA plus active leaders in the AI and Blockchain fields joining the meeting and we'd love to have you there too! Time: March 22, 2019 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting To launch the Augmented Society Network productively, you’re invited to join us for an open conversation on the network’s vision and hoped-for future endeavors. While Zoe and Jonathan are leading the charge, the Network will not be successful without considered and informed input by all. As such, this kick-off will quickly cover the initial hopes of the network, broaden out for more voices, then drill down to start the plans in motion to actuall