Are you part of a dominant tribe?

Written By Zoe Camper, Las Vegas

Welcome to The RSA’s Augmented Society thematic network. When you have time to look up from your hectic life to see what technology has changed, it might be too late. 

You will be living a life controlled by data driven systems that match you and your activities with the actions and wants of a prevailing dominant tribe. Everything you see, hear, touch or taste will have been augmented. Will you fit in? Will you be an outcast? 

At CES in Las Vegas this year Ginni Rometty, current chair, president, and CEO of IBM, said that only 1% of the data that is possible to collect has been collected, that is an incredible thing to consider. 

We are having to adjust the scale that we use to imagine the world in 5 years’ time to the one Ginni is seeing. It is disturbing, hard to digest in terms of impact and I am compelled to explore and question what that future holds for society as a whole.

Society has undergone many step changes but this is different, this change bears no comparison with the time it took us to discover fire, grow crops, unleash the power of steam or electricity. 

This change is happening at a speed at which we will be subsumed by its effects before we realise it has happened, and our next invention, artificial super intelligence, may literally be our last invention.

We will use this network to start a conversation, have an impact on the way our future is fashioned, make it one that includes everyone, one that is considered, inclusive and understood.

So join us on this exciting journey that will take us backwards and forwards in time to understand technologies including AI, deep data, XR, Blockchain, and more. We will debate, share, and innovative as a powerful collaborative group. 

We will be posing questions, opening up complex topics for discussion and holding regular virtual events. The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce gives us a strong platform on which to join together, learn together and make a difference.

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